Игорь Лебедев (kot_begemott) wrote,
Игорь Лебедев

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Tom Waits, 'You Can Never Hold Back Spring'

Дружише rusnar подсадил. Два дня из головы не выходит.

My head is spinning round, my heart is in my shoes, yeah
I went and set the Thames on fire, oh, now I must come back down
She's laughing in her sleeve boys, I can feel it in my bones
Oh, but anywhere I'm gonna lay my head, I'm gonna call my home

Well I see that the world is upside-down
Seems that my pockets were filled up with gold
And now the clouds, well they've covered over
And the wind is blowing cold
Well I don't need anybody, because I learned, I learned to be alone
Well I said anywhere, anywhere, anywhere I lay my head, boys
Well I gonna call my home
Tags: музыка
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